A little bit about me…
I am six foot four and I find it’s always fun to discuss the big issues with friends and strangers alike. We seldom ever fully know the truth about these issues, but the debate is fun. Sharing knowledge and having an opinion is always enjoyable.

I am an experienced senior executive with a specialty in business management consulting, professional services, and managing transformation programs. I am highly experienced and motivated in helping organisations achieve high levels of business excellence. This includes working with senior stakeholders to define and implement the operating model. I am equally conversant on the drivers of shareholder value as I am on working through the difficulties of improving operational productivity. My core strengths include my ability to own and deliver large transformation programs. To this end I am specifically recognised for my ability to distil and communicate complex business issues in a manner that makes them readily understood by the wider audience. Through the course of my career, I have built up a significant arsenal of methodologies and consulting techniques and have converted them into structured courseware. I have found that you learn so much more by teaching.

Sixfootfour (sixfoot4.com.au) is a strategic business consultancy. It specialises in driving operational excellence and defining the many to many relationships within the business architecture. This includes improving organisational productivity, tightening governance and controls for supplier risk across the full length of the extended supply chain, and increasing productivity from your knowledge assets.

Please call (+61 (0)409 840 738) or email me (garthh@sixfoot4.com.au) and let’s talk about how, by working together, we can make a sustainable and material difference to your organisation, be it through consulting or coaching.

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